Hello weary traveler! I am Greg. Welcome to the area in which I explain myself.
I am a Graphic Designer living in Mesa, Arizona. After many abrupt uncalculated moves and various adventures, I have planted roots in the desert with my fiancé Caroline and our awesome pup Dexter. ( Insert something about it being a dry heat here ).
I have always looked at life through creative and adventurous eyes. Some say I may have an addiction to fun, and the only prescription is....you guessed it! More fun. I am the oldest of like a hundred siblings it seems ( 5 actually ) and I love them all kind of equally. I can never get enough traveling jammed into my life, and I truly want to see and experience everything. My family have always been huge supporters of my dreams and design aspirations, and they are just plain awesome so there's that too. 
Besides design, I snowboard and skateboard as often as I possibly can, despite my old and brittle bones. Two activities that I could not picture myself without, and some of the most creative that I have ever been able to be in my life. My passion for snowboarding is deep and endless, similar to my green eyes that I warn you may get lost in. Ideally I strive to be a part of a snowboard design team so that I can truly apply my lifelong passion to a position that I would endlessly love. 
Thanks for stopping by to check out what I do, and I hope you enjoy each and every second you spend staring at me and my work!
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